Untamed and wild, the ponies gallop through the vastness of the blues, with a rocking, rough wind in their manes.
The 70s spirit, earthy Americana roots sounds and southern dignity interweave to create the band's vibrant sound.
The music is clearly in the tradition of classic American songs.

The band has been around since 2019 and is based in Lucerne. The Ponies have already attracted attention at the preliminary rounds of the Blues Festival Basel's Promo Blues Night, where they impressed and wowed the jury and the audience. On April 17, 2024, they will now take to the big stage at Volkshaus Basel in the final. 
New song material is being worked on and a first recording is being planned.


Sascha Koch (voc, g)
Ronny Lindegger (bass)
Pedro Menano (drums)


Sascha Koch

Sascha was on the road with the band Biscuit Jack for many years and recorded various albums during this time, including at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, USA. He was a two-time finalist in the Swiss Blues Challenge with his band. Larry Garner took the opportunity to congratulate him after the show at the Lucerne Blues Festival: "You're so damn good!"


Ronny Lindegger

Ronny is a sought-after bassist in the music scene and is highly regarded as a sideman on stage and in the studio. His experience is based on countless concerts in Switzerland and Europe with various bands and projects.


Pedro Menano

The Portuguese drummer has a lot of power and groove. His career really took off with the "Paperboats", a well-known band in Portugal. In addition to numerous appearances on television and radio, the band was played on MTV and was in the studio in London and New York.